Kerry Neville is a long time, real estate professional whose passion has been working with people on  their home front level. Her skills are poised towards your next residential move, and alignment to a  better life using practices and guidance with your highest good as the benchmark. 

Kerry is a unique Realtor who offers a holistic approach to the process of buying or selling a home;  downsizing, new life opportunities, and adventures are all part of her expertise. 

Meeting your practical needs and aligning with your life goals are what make her your Forever Agent. Taking the Pledge associated with Berkshire Hathaway's trade marked program (Forever Agent), and  being committed to expert service on her client's behalf is what sets her apart from other Real Estate  Brokers. 

Representing clients over three decades of time points to her practical and down to earth approach in  being very effective on behalf of her clients.  

What an advantageous, good fortune for you!

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