About Robyn

My path to Real Estate has been an interesting one… My previous professional experience is in
counseling and coaching, both in the suburbs of the Philadelphia area where I grew up and
attended Penn State University and in San Diego, California where I lived for more than a
decade. I moved to San Diego upon completing my final semester of college studying and
traveling abroad in South America with the goal of becoming fluent in Spanish!

I eventually started my own practice, where my education, training and work experience really
served me in understanding people, how to be there for them, support and guide them through
some of most challenging periods of their life, which no doubt, home buying/selling can be…
It was during this period that I became a caregiver for my Father for many years and relocated
to Asheville, NC following his death where I simultaneously transitioned careers… Ironically, my
Father was also in Real Estate.

I have found myself incredibly interested in the world of houses and homes and continue to
become informed while still being able to do what I love most, which is help people, so that I
can be the best agent my clients could possibly have, working with them from beginning to end
in the home buying/selling process.

I am excited to connect and be there for and with you as we go through this process together,
because I can truly understand the magnitude something like this might entail, and you don’t
have to do it alone!

So whether you’ve done it already or it’s your first go around, I believe my personal and
professional experience have prepared me to be able to provide you with the utmost quality of
service and success.

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