Based on a scoring system not solely focused on the lively music scene, abundant tourist attractions or accessibility to delicious craft beer, Asheville, NC, has once again earned accolades for being one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” in the U.S.

Knowing Asheville, and seeing where it landed in this list definitely tempts me to explore these other noteworthy cities, as they must have their own special flair and gifts to offer.



“So, I may be a bit biased.  I’ve lived in this area my whole life (so far).  I remember when Asheville meant the Asheville Mall / Sears / new hot water heater.  I remember when the downtown area was being “revived”.  I witnessed the growth of this now extremely vibrant mountain city throughout my early adult years… through numerous Bele Cheres, music venues come and gone and transformed into what now attracts musicians and artists worldwide, area industry and commerce changes and transitions, and the widening and extension of the diverse people who call this area home.  These videos make me smile.  And proud of where I call home.  Enjoy!